• Extreme Bedbug Heat Treatments

Turning the heat up to the next level!

Extreme Heat UK LTD we are carrying out a heat treatment for bed bugs today to a three bedroom house in East London, we have placed ducting from a diesel run machine into most rooms and in the last room placed an electric run bed bug heat machine that we imported from America.

The temperatures we need to get to are 141 degrees Fahrenheit which can take anything from 6-10 hours. Once we get to this temperature throughout the rooms and items in the rooms we level the heat out for another 1-2 hours, we do this as the eggs of the bed bugs need to dehydrate as well.

Bed bugs will try and hide in cold spots so it is vital each inch of the property is checked, to do this we use a glue imaging camera and also WiFi temperature probes, that we can monitor on a chart, for further information please call or email us.

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