• Extreme Bedbug Heat Treatments

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As you can see in the picture we are using our electric run heater with industrial fans, how this works is by moving the natural air around in the room from fan to fan to heater in a circular motion, it pushes the air into elements in the heater an gradually increases the temperatures, this is a nice slow and steady process.

We increase the heat literally 1 degree at a time, we cannot rush this process as we want the heat to penetrate areas and cook the cracks and crevices which the bed bugs like to hide in. By doing the process of bed bug heating this way it heats things up inside out, if we were to blow a hot heat in straight away the outside of the furniture it would get hot but not the inside, we also like to take the slow approach which will agitate the bed bugs out of their harbourage, and dehydrate them very slowly, which will not give them enough time to escape and hide.

I explain it like this, if you put meat in an oven and put it on the correct temperature it will cook nicely all the way through, if you put meat in the oven and put it on a high heat, it will burn the outside, and not be cooked on the inside, so please be aware, if anyone says they can do a heat treatment very fast that’s what you will get, it may kill some on the outside of the furniture but not on the inside which will leave you with hidden bed bugs, please call if you require any advice, we are here to help

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