• Extreme Bedbug Heat Treatments

Time for you to understand a little more of what we do!

Just a little bit of knowledge for people who don’t understand the process on heat treatments...

As a company dealing with bed bugs for over 35 years we have adapted heat treatments into our arsenal, our machines and thermal imaging cameras and WiFi sensors all play a part in a successful treatment.

It is all well and good people saying 'oh I can put heaters in a room and get the temperatures high', but that is incorrect, it’s all about the way the heat is distributed. We place high temperature fans in all the rooms to make a tumble dryer affect, to move the heat around and around. This will provide the correct heat throughout the rooms, we also move the furniture around to find any cold spots with the help of our flir thermal imaging cameras, our WiFi sensors also help in deep areas, like in the settees and cupboards, once we hit out temperatures throughout, we level them at a steady 141 degrees Fahrenheit for a couple of hours to kill off any eggs, please be aware that even 1 room should take at least 6 hours, so if anyone thinks they can do it faster, the treatment may fail, please call or ask for any advice.

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