• Extreme Bedbug Heat Treatments

Taking technology up a step! Faster and more efficient way to REMOVE BEDBUGS!

Bed Bug Heat Treatment In London!

I have been in the pest control industry for over 30 years, dealing with all types of pests, there has been many methods of trying to eradicate Bed Bug infestations, mainly using insecticides which I have found they are becoming resistant to.

As time has moved on with technology and Environmental issues, so have we, with our chemical free industrial heat machines you can eradicate Bed Bugs and many other insects at the correct temperatures within one visit.

So many companies assume once you get to that temperature they all die straight away they then pack up and leave, that is incorrect. We need to keep the heat levels high for a certain period of time for the treatment to take full effect. That is why we use a computerised program with WIFI heat sensors to measure the heat to maximise the correct kill rate, we do not guess, we monitor, even with this technology there will still be cold spots within the property, these areas are identified by us using handheld thermal imaging cameras.

We then use handheld heat equipment to target those areas and heat them up to 180 degrees, therefore no cold spots will be missed by us. This is all good, but then there is another period of time in which we have to monitor, and this is for the insects eggs, this can also take a further couple of hours, therefore this is the reason that it is vital that the heat is monitored correctly, otherwise the treatment will fail.

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