• Extreme Bedbug Heat Treatments

One treatment, one hundred percent guarantee.

Today we have a Bed bug heat treatment being carried out in sunny Essex. 29 degrees Fahrenheit from the sun outside the property, and 141 degrees inside the property where we are killing off the bed bugs.

There is no escaping the heat for us today, plenty of water to keep us hydrated, we are using an indirect diesel run machine with ducting throughout the house, and in to the loft room we are running a electric heater with industrial fans to circulate the heat.

We will be running the equipment today for at least 6-8 hours to make sure the heat penetrates right through to the inside of the furniture as well as cooking it on the outside, the bed bugs are mainly in the top three rooms, but just in case they have been transported downstairs we are doing the whole premises, we highly recommend this for all bed bug treatments call now if you are in need of a bed bug specialist.

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