• Extreme Bedbug Heat Treatments

No problem is too big for us!

Here at Heat Treatments Uk - Bed Bug Heat Treatments we use 3 different types of machines.

This is purely to accommodate any situation we may come up against, for example our first diesel run heat machines above cannot reach any higher than a three story house and should not be used within a property, ducting connected to the machine on the outside of the property should be used. Therefore we use the electric heaters for any property above 3 floors, we also come up against homes that do not have room for the big diesel heaters out side their house, so again we use the electric machines, we carry out a lot of heat treatments with the electric heaters in blocks of flats, they are ideal for these situations.

Some clients do not require a full heat treatment and just want individual items treated, so we use hand held thermal heat and steam machines for this, please see the last images below for the thermal heat and steam. Please call if you require any further information

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