• Extreme Bedbug Heat Treatments

Mobile Treatment Available NOW!

Here at Extreme Bed Bug Heat Treatments we can either have our mobile service to heat treat your clothes and luggage at your property, or we can pick them up and heat treat them at our heat treatment facility.

We can also arrange to pick up your luggage at any London Airports, and take them to be heat treated at our off site facility.

How does this work?

The first step is to put all of your personal belongings that you can into sealed plastic bags. By sealing everything closed any non-infested items remain free of bugs, and any items that are infested are quarantined so that the bugs can’t spread further. We’ve found that clear plastic rubbish bags are really helpful because they allow us to easily see the contents.

Be cautious when bagging up objects that have sharp edges or corners that can easily poke through. You may want to be double bag these items just to be safe since you don’t want any bed bugs to escape. Also, remember to seal the bags tight. Tying the bag works just fine or you can twist the top of the bag closed and use cable ties. With Luggage just leave them closed and we will deal with the rest, we will need the key or numbers for any luggage that has a padlock or a combination lock.

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