• Extreme Bedbug Heat Treatments

HUGE INCREASE in Bedbug infestations!

First Of All Please Do Not Panic!

With all the news on how bed bugs are increasing in numbers throughout the world and in your area, people panic and automatically assume they have bed bugs when they see an insect in their bedroom, however this may not be the case.

You may rush in to hiring a pest control company for no need especially when you panic, if you choose a reputable company they will offer an inspection before any work is carried out.

If you do have bed bugs, waiting to get the correct diagnosis for a day or two is not going to esculate the infestation, they will not multiply into thousands in that space of time, people do panic and get quotes over the phone, but to be honest how will the company know the layout of the property and what is involved to treat it correctly, especially if they are going to use insecticides.

Do they know the individuals health status when using pesticides, as I said it may not even be Bed Bugs.

Please call us for an inspection or you can even take photos and send them to us via email or WhatsApp.

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