• Extreme Bedbug Heat Treatments

Hottest day of the year... Bedbug Galore!

The hottest day of the year today and we are carrying out a heat treatment for bed bugs to two flats, there is no escaping the heat inside or outside, 6 litres of water consumed by me today.

The second floor flat has been experiencing minor bed bug issues, we entered the first floor flat and it was very obvious that they had been working their way up through the cavity walls, the first floor flat had been having chemical treatments that were not working, 12 in total, the tenants were literally pulling their hair out, we pretty much figured out why the chemical treatments were not working after 5 minutes of being in there, the previous pest control company were doing low level spray treatments, this flat had high ceilings and near the top they had a nice bead decoration all around the walls in every room, the bed bugs were literally waiting for their host and then coming down the walls to have a nice feed.

Please be aware if you are having problems with bed bugs, that they don’t just live in the bed, they can go everywhere, anyway we have carried out a full heat treatment to all the areas in both flats, so this should do the trick of removing the bed bugs once and for all, the heat was killing them off very nicely from the walls etc, pretty much raining bed bugs, if anyone needs further assistance with a bedbug problem please feel free to call, we offer very good advice to everyone.

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