• Extreme Bedbug Heat Treatments

Get rid of Bedbugs in just ONE treatment!

Another day in Essex UK carrying out a heat treatment for Bed bugs.

The temperatures are rising nice and slowly just how we like it, no rushing pumping in high heat to start with, we need it to increase slowly, this will ensure the furniture gets cooked inside out, the way I like to explain our treatments to our clients is, if you put a chicken in an oven at the correct temperature it will cook it perfectly inside and out, but if you put the same chicken in the oven on high temperatures it will just burn the outside, this is why heat treatments cannot be rushed. Unfortunately that’s what some people do, and do not get the right outcome, so please if you are looking to have a heat treatment done, and someone says it will only take a couple of hours, be aware, there is no rushing in our treatment process. BE AWARE. If heat treatments are done correctly then there is no need for insecticides and you will get a 100% kill rate.

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