• Extreme Bedbug Heat Treatments

Emergency Call Out!!!

We was called out today for a problem with suspected Bed Bugs, the client was getting bitten on a sofa bed, but could not find any issues, she thought she was going crazy as she was getting bites all on her face and shoulders, she had said it only happened when she went to bed and then woke up with them.

For us as a bed bug specialist company we knew that it would be bed bugs, as they get attracted to the top part of the body due to the carbon monoxide you breath out, so we all decided to carry out a full inspection just to make sure, we conducted a full survey to the furniture and found a cluster of bed bugs hidden right up in the corner of the sofa, she was amazed as she had steamed and vacuumed the bed thoroughly, her first thoughts were to throw away the sofa bed, but after we explained how a bed bug heat treatment worked, she decided to have the full treatment, the sofa bed and the room it is in, is now completely bed bug free, whilst carrying out the treatment the bed bugs were coming out from a few more places, the tops of her curtains, plug sockets and even the back of her sideboard cabinets, people assume that bed bugs just live on the bed, that is not the case, they can literally be anywhere in a room waiting to feed off the host, (YOU) although we found bed bugs here, please do not think if your getting bites you have bed bugs, call a reputable company to carry out a full survey as you maybe spending money for nothing, please call for advice, we are here to help.

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