• Extreme Bedbug Heat Treatments

East London INFESTED With Bedbugs!

Today at Extreme Heat Uk Ltd we are carrying out a heat treatment for bed bugs.

This was in a first floor flat in East London, we are using a diesel run machine with ductwork leading up through the windows then splitting them off into all the rooms.

Inside each room we are using hi temperature industrial fans to blow the heat around in a circular motion, this will be like turning each room into a tumble drier affect, once we gradually increase the heat over a 8 hour period we check the rooms for cold spots and hiding spaces that bed bugs may try to hide at, once this is done we level the heat out for another 1-2 hours, this will hive a 100% kill and you will be safe to return to your premises after 4 hours, chemical free treatment and safe for pets and children.

Please call if you require information or a quote.

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