• Extreme Bedbug Heat Treatments

Do NOT leave these in your home...

Bed bug heat treatment advice / what not to leave in you home!


• All aerosol and pressurised cans – including hairspray, deodorants, bug spray, asthma inhalers, spray paint, fire extinguishers, oxygen tanks and cleaning products.

• Medication/Medicine, foods that can melt (like chocolate), and beverages. Put these items in the refrigerator.

• Anything made from wax – candles, wax figurines, crayons, waxy cosmetics and oil paintings.

• Vinyl records, photo negatives, film strips, ink printer cartridges.

• All flammable materials – butane lighters, lamp fuel, solvents, fuel for food warmers, ammunition, etc.

• Musical instruments (a piano may be treated, but will probably need tuning afterwards).

Leave these types of items inside the door in one or more containers or bags, clearly labeled “DO NOT HEAT”.

We will inspect them for bed bugs and treat by other means if necessary. Wallpaper, linoleum tile, laminated furniture and laminates in general can be damaged by heat. Extreme Pest control is not responsible for damage to these or any items left in the home during heat treatment.

Bed bugs are a serious and challenging pest.

Thank you for doing your part in preparing your home.

Your cooperation is essential to the success of the bed bug treatment service!

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