• Extreme Bedbug Heat Treatments

Bedbugs deep into the furniture...

Extreme Heat UK LTD are carrying out a three bedroom house heat Treatment, we are using an external diesel heater which is indirect and has a external ther\mostat to measure the temperatures that we deliver into the property at a gradual interval, we do not want to blast loads of hot heat in straight away as the bed bugs will run off and hide in cold areas, so we increase the heat slowly over a period of 6-10 hours.

What that does is slowly dehydrate the bed bugs, which in turn means that don’t run from a hot heat straight away, they slowly start to get weak from the dehydration that causes them to slowly die, we use industrial fans to blow the heat around in a circular motion to make a tumble drier affect, or a fan assisted oven affect, which will cook all furniture inside out, just in case the bed bugs have buried themselves deep in side the furniture, if you need advice or a quote please contact us.

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